Reconditioned Wagner Paint Crew Plus Spray Tech 2,750 PSI

Wagner Paint Crew Plus Reviews

Wagner has done it yet again with the Reconditioned Wagner Paint Crew Plus Spray. When it comes to spray painters, they have proved to have some very reliable and advanced technology, and this one bears the advantages that you will find on most other Wagner paint sprayers.

Because of the great gun design, the Wagner Paint Crew Plus will put on all paints, including latex paints with no issues at all. When you’re looking to buy a spray painter, the gun is the most crucial part of the deal, and this spray painter has made sure that its gun differentiates it from other spray patiners. The Wagner Paint Crew Plus is ideal spray painter for DIY’s, but it comes with the great advantage of the same professional finish that you would get with commercial high end spray painters.

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Reconditioned Wagner Paint Crew Plus Spray Tech 2,750 PSI Features and Specifications

  • You can use it for all kind of jobs. You can use it on walls, fences, chairs – and really whatever that you want to paint with the same perfect results each time. All you have to do is get the spray gun settings right, so that you can correct the aim for the surface size that you’re painting.
  • You can use it with all kinds of paints as well; oil based, water based, sealers, as well as thick latex based paints will all come out perfectly. The gun mechanism adjusts the nozzles to accommodate the thickness of the paint.
  • At 3/8 horsepower, you get speed, but with a smooth finish in a very short time. This is especially relevant if you’re doing remodelling jobs that need to be done quickly.
  • The gun has a filter so that you don’t get anything other than paint on your surface. It is easy to clean the filter if it’s clogged and you just have to twist a knob that clears out any material that has been caught in the filter.
  • The Wagner Paint Crew Plus can spray horizontally as well as vertically, and this is what makes it such a great spray painter for home jobs. You don’t have to get on to a ladder each time you want to paint overhead. To change the spray direction, there is a knob on the gun that you simply turn.
  • It comes with a 2 gallon pail which is quite sizeable – you don’t have to keep refilling your sprayer unless you’re painting a really large surface. It’s also easy to set up and leaves a minimum mess – clean up after a paint job can be quite painful and you want a gun that puts as little paint as possible in the wrong places.
  • Lastly, it’s easy to move around; it weighs about 25 pounds and it has a handle for easy manoeuvring. The handle can be retracted as well so that you get it out of the way when needed.

Reconditioned Wagner Paint Crew Plus Spray Tech 2,750 PSI Reviews

Users give it 5 stars, especially for DIY jobs. It’s easy to set up and use, and they appreciate that there is no mess. The fact that it handles much thicker paints than other spray painters in the same range is also appreciated.

Users also comment on the fact that the gun is built to deliver as much paint as a commercial sprayer but with a minimum level of fuss and while getting an excellent finish.

Users also love that it comes with the Wagner leaning lube solution, so that you spend very little time cleaning up and you have a cleaning aid to help you along.

The swivel gun also gives the Wagner Paint Crew Plus great reviews. Users say that it makes it so much easier to use once you install this little, inexpensive bit.

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What do we think? It’s a great paint sprayer to have especially for the regular DIYer. The Wagner Paint Crew Plus is a solid product because you can use it to paint all kinds of surfaces, with all kinds of paints. The Wagner Paint Crew Plus is quite a deal at the price it comes at, especially when considering that you get the same finish as professionals who use commercial sprayers.

Wagner Paint Crew Plus

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