Wagner 0516009 PF 30 5/8 HP 3,000 PSI Pro Force Paint Sprayer

Wagner Pro Force Paint Sprayer

If you often paint, are planning to remodel your home or if you own a property that needs frequent maintenance and paint jobs are part of it, the Wagner 0516009 PF 30 5/8 HP 3,000 PSI Pro Force Paint Sprayer is the top of the range when it comes to spray painters. It will spray paint from a great distance, with unique fineness and without clogging because it continuously cleans itself. One of the most outstanding things about it is its moving mechanism – it comes on a cart so that you don’t have to drag the sprayer around on your back as you work.

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Wagner 0516009 PF 30 5/8 HP 3,000 PSI Pro Force Paint Sprayer Features and Specifications

  • There are plenty of things that make this sprayer one of the best sprayers in the market today, but let’s have a look at a few of the design features that make it so special.
  • It comes with 25 ft of spray hose. If you have ever done any spray painting, you know how important it is to have enough hose room so that you don’t have to move your sprayer each time you’re spraying a new area. With this one, unless it’s a really big room, you can station the unit in one place and just focus on the spraying.
  • As mentioned earlier, it comes with a cart that makes handling it very easy. Whether moving within a property or between properties, moving is easy. You place all the equipment on the cart and you roll it to the new location. The cart handle is removable as well for better portability.
  • The spray gun is strong and durable, made of metal and with 4 finger adjustable positions for controlling the fineness of the spray. It also has an inbuilt filter to catch any particulate matter than may be in the paint. The spray tips themselves are self cleaning so you don’t have to worry about them clogging up the paint.
  • The motor is a 5/8 HP that features a double stroke airless piston pump that allows you to shoot paint from a great distance. It’s a real asset especially if you want to do a room artistically – you can get different looks by aiming the spray gun from different distances and adjusting the nozzles.
  • You can use it with either one or five gallon paint canisters which allows for flexibility, and this is usually an important feature if you want to paint in different colors. The paint bucket, where the paint goes, comes with a firm and secure clasp to ensure that you don’t risk spillages.
  • What kinds of paints can you use with the Wagner 0516009 PF 30 5/8 HP 3,000 PSI Pro Force Paint Sprayer? Anything really. You can use oil or water based paints, stains and sealers all with equal ease.

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Wagner 0516009 PF 30 5/8 HP 3,000 PSI Pro Force Paint Sprayer Reviews

How do users feel about this sprayer? To many of them, it has outdone anything that they have used before. Whether they are amateur painters or do professional jobs, they give this sprayer an excellent rating in all aspects.

Most exciting for many of them is the cart – that they no longer have to carry the painting kit on their backs to get the job done. They also like the fact that adjusting nozzles is so easy and you can get different kinds of spray pattern with such ease.

Another common thing you’ll see in reviews is that never clogs – an asset in any spray painter. Many sprayers may paint well, but the trouble of having to clean blocked nozzles almost kills all the fun.

It’s also really easy to set up– first time users say that it took them only five minutes the first time they tried it out.

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Our take? We recommend the Wagner 0516009 PF 30 5/8 HP 3,000 PSI Pro Force Paint Sprayer as one of the best spray painters that you can get today. It’s convenient, it’s portable and it’s easy to use. It allows you options while painting and furthermore, it can paint from great distance. For the kind of money that it’s retailing at, you’re getting yourself a really good deal.

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