Wagner Paint Crew Plus 515000 3/8 HP 2,750 PSI Paint Sprayer

Wagner Paint Crew Plus Review

One of the best paint sprayers in the market today is the Wagner Paint Crew Plus, and Yes, this product is more than just a long name. With 3/8 good horsepower, it can do great job with even thick latex paints, something which many other paint sprayers can’t. Designed for use by homeowners, it’s an all-in-one paint sprayer that can work with oil paint, water paint and thinners as well.

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Wagner Paint Crew Plus 515000 3/8 HP 2,750 PSI Paint Sprayer Features and Specifications

  • The airless pump sprayer is created for professional finishes, the same you would get with more professional, contractor-used pumps, but it is made specifically for home use. It’s a great little bit of equipment to have if you are remodelling or building a house.
  • At 3/8 horsepower, the motor delivers a fine and even spray so that even amateurs will not have a problem working with it.The Wagner Paint Crew Plus is also a quick sprayer because of the new on-demand piston pump technology. This is the latest technology in good pump sprayers, so when looking for a pump, look out for this particular spec.
  • It comes with 2 gallons which means that big jobs can be accomplished just as easily as smaller jobs. All you need to do for larger rooms is to fill both gallons with paint. It also means that you can get double colors on a wall without having to empty and clean gallons as you paint.
  • Wagner, the manufacturer, has built it with a professional grade spray gun that controls the amount of material you get on your surface. Made of aluminum for longer life, it has an in-built filter that will stop anything other than paint from getting onto your surfaces. The filter is also easily replaceable and all you need to do when you need one, is call your supplier and they will deliver it.
  • The way the paint gun is built also means that you don’t get any clogging. It’s reversible so that you can spray horizontally as well as vertically, which means that most spray jobs don’t require you to be on a ladder. The tip has a tip holder that allows tip adjustment with just a flick; you don’t have to stop working to change the direction of your spray.
  • The Wagner Paint Crew Plus handles something that many other spray painters wont – stains. When you have furniture that needs to be cleaned for stains, this is the perfect spray painter to have.
  • Carrying the Wagner Paint Crew Plus around is easy as it weighs just 25 pounds. It also comes with a handle that makes it easy to move from place to place. All the controls are centrally located in order to make control of the settings as easy as possible.

Wagner Paint Crew Plus 515000 3/8 HP 2,750 PSI Paint Sprayer Reviews

Users are happy with the Wagner Paint Crew Plus. It more than does the job – it makes it easy. It’s also quite clear that they appreciate that despite the fact that it can do so much, it’s so easy to move around. Wagner has concentrated a lot of their efforts on this model, resulting in a product that people simply love.

Users also appreciate that it gives an excellent finished surface. You don’t have to make any adjustments to the pump to get an even finish – the gun will do it for according to the settings you choose.

A common review comment is that for a spray painter that comes with 2 gallons, it does not leak at all. Many paint sprayers, even the ones that have just a single gallon can’t seem to overcome this design problem.

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Our take? The Wagner Paint Crew Plus is especially recommended for home use. It will get you professionally done jobs with ease and minimum effort on your part. As mentioned earlier, the Wagner Paint Crew Plus has most of its design focus on the gun, which is where it really should be.

That’s why you are able to get such great paint jobs without too much effort. At the current price the Wagner Paint Crew Plus is a real bargain.

Wagner Paint Crew Plus

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