Wagner Paint Crew Plus Paint Sprayer with Bonus Accessories

Wagner Paint Crew Plus Paint Sprayer with Bonus Accessories

If you’re looking for a spray painter that will do a professional job with great versatility at a fraction of the cost, the Wagner Paint Crew Plus Paint Sprayer is worth looking into. It uses the reversible spray tip technology that allows for painting in all directions and you are guaranteed a smooth finish every time. It will do thick and thin paints with the same professional finish, and because its light weight, it’s the ideal paint sprayer for a DIYer.

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Wagner Paint Crew Plus Paint Sprayer with Bonus Accessories Features and Specifications

  • The Wagner Paint Crew Plus comes with adjustable pressure control which means that you get to choose how much paint goes on the surface. It can be great if you’re looking for an artistic finish.
  • It is compatible with all kinds of paints, all the way from water based to latex based without any problems. The spray gun tip adjusts itself according to the kind of paint that you put in it.
  • The Wagner Paint Crew Plus uses reversible tip technology so that you can paint both horizontally and vertically from the same position. This is usually a great advantage in a sprayer especially because you use minimum effort to paint things like ceilings.
  • It comes with a cart with rugged wheels for easy movement and the telescoping handle makes it easy to transport as well.
  • The gallon is removable which allows for fast and easy clean-up and change of paint – you lose minimum time if you have to switch colors.
  • A little about the bonus accessories: you get an extra 515 Tip, a Roller Arm Extension, and a 3/8″ Roller Cover all included in your purchase.

Wagner Paint Crew Plus Paint Sprayer with Bonus Accessories Reviews

Wagner is known for great spray painter technology and the Wagner Paint Crew Plus Paint Sprayer comes with most of the functionalities of their other painters in the same range, although it is limited in some areas.

Users are quick to say that for the same amount of money, you can get another Wagner model that will do a much better job. You can get something that is faster and that can spray from greater distances.

The bonus items are appreciated; you can use the roller to do up to 5 rooms without having to stop for a refill. There seems to be mixed reviews on priming and pumping; some people say that even after following instructions to the letter, they had pumping failures. Other people say it works smoothly all the way to the end. It’s also important to know that with this one, your painting will be a bit messy – it dribbles and spits and they don’t sell it to you with a special cleaning lubricant, meaning that cleaning takes longer and you have to look for the lubricant yourself.

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What’s our take? As far as spray painters go, you can use it quite well, but considering that Wagner has other painters in the same price range and that come with a lot better reviews, you can definitely do better than the Wagner Paint Crew Plus. We recommend you to have a look at other models before deciding to purchase this particular Wagner Paint Crew Plus model.

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